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: homophobia (23-02-2015)
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Esti Perez?: Self Respect in Jewish State (24-12-2014)
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Coverage of Scottish referrendum (21-09-2014)
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peter beaumont: blaming the victim (14-06-2014)
70 Anniversary D Day landings (11-06-2014)
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Inaccurate reporting (25-05-2014)
Daniel Gordis: A dose of nuance: What if Israel were a Jewish state? (12-01-2014)
Esti Perez: Israel radio news has no self respect (26-12-2013)
Keshet on the morning (01-12-2013)
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"Media Comment: The new director-general of the IBA" By Yisrael Medad AndProp' Eli Pollak. 03.08.11
Column in "Besheva" - My own journalism awards - Yisrael Medad - 01.10.2009
Column in "Besheva" - Obama against the blogs - Yisrael Medad - 24.09.2009
Column in "Besheva" - News about the news - Yisrael Medad - 17.09.2009
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"As far as I am concerned, if I did not succeed in moving at least a screw from the right to the left, I have not accomplished anything." "Leilot," Yediot Acharonot
Gabi Gazit
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